Terms and Conditions

General Terms :


  • Specific Softwares are available on www.ScrapingExpert.com to fetch the data from specific targeted website
    • i.e. LinkedIn data extractor to fetch data from LinkedIn.com.
    • Amazon data extractor to fetch data from Amazon.com etc…
  • There is one time cost associated with each of the software mentioned on Scrapingexpert.com where updates will be chargeable after first 3 months of purchase.
    • Updates will be provided only when the structure of the targeted¬†¬†¬† website gets change.
  • Scrapingexpert.com recommends all the users to download trial version & sample data of the specific software before making the purchase.
  • Scrapingexpert.com requires the user to go through product description before making the purchase.


Technical Terms :


  • While installing the software, make sure that computer meets the system requirements of the Software..
  • Software is able to scrape around 300 to 5000 records on a daily basis. The daily limit of scraping can vary depending upon the following factors,
    • Global Limit imposed by the targeted website
    • Response rate from the targeted website
    • Availability of the Bandwidth at user end
    • Due to other unforeseeable reasons like temporarily IP blockage, captcha intervention etc.


Support Terms :


  • User need to raise the ticket on support@scrapingexpert.com, when support is required.
  • Support will be provided via following mentioned mediums,
    • Live chat from the website
    • Email
  • Support will be available from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm as per IST (UTC + 5:30 hours).


Maintenance Terms :


  • Maintenance License will include the updates of the software, if the structure of the targeted website has got changed along with all upgraded versions of the purchased software.
  • Complementary maintenance of first 3 months at free of cost.
    • Buyer need to purchase the maintenance contract once the complementary maintenance period of Software for the first 3 months of purchase gets expired.
  • Buyer need to purchase maintenance license once complementary maintenance of first 3 months of purchase gets completed.
  • User can change the computer once during the maintenance period.
    • Charges will be applicable for the second instance to change the computer for any year.
  • Following changes are not included in the maintenance of Software,
    • Add/modify the input / output parameters
    • Changes in system behaviour
    • Any other additional functionality
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