4 effective ways to drive more sales in drop shipping using Web Data Extraction

How to drive more sales is one of the most common questions in every business owner’s mind. You plan, you make investments, and you put a lot of efforts to get more sales. But, it is a fact that, not every plan works the way you want it to. If these conditions sound familiar to you, then this writeup can prove to be helpful. Here is one of the finest ways you can skyrocket your sales and enhance overall profitability of your business. Implement web scraping tool as it will give your business enormous benefits.

4 amazing ways to increase sales through web scraping:

Check these ways and implement for amazing business benefits.

Strategy development

When we talk about increase sales online, web scraping can prove to be an ultimate solution. It extracts valuable data for your business and enables you to develop data-driven business strategies. It can help you collect data such as customer reviews, pricing of different products and more with the help of which you can strategize about your business and increase sales.


Reviews and sentiments

You can choose your own eCommerce platform and extract data from these websites such as customer reviews and come to know about the choices and preferences of your customers. Reviews are crucial to know the sentiments of your customers and then you can add features in your product accordingly to meet the specific needs of your customers.

Price comparison

Doubtlessly, selling on eCommerce site is a challenge as there are many competitors. You need to have quality marketing plans and pricing strategy so that you can attract more customers and sell more units. You can scrape pricing details of your competitors and plan the price of your products and stay competitive.

Know the needs

Another way web scraping can prove to be helpful is to know what your customers are looking for. In reviews given by customers, they sometimes mention their needs and knowing it, you can make your customers delight by offering what they are looking for.


There are various web scraping tools available out there and you need to choose the right one so that it can with the best for your business. You need to do proper research prior choosing a web scraping tool for your business. Connect to the internet and get the best tool right now!

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Selling on eCommerce site is a game of data and insights turned into useful information that is utilized to take business to another level. But, it is a mere fact that, there are sellers and manufacturers who fail to collect and manage these data and insights, and hence fail to make the best use of it. This is where web scraping tools come out to play. Scraping customer reviews with the help of web scraping tools is a great way to gain competitive intelligence. When we talk about the availability of product reviews on eCommerce site, it’s deep and vast.

Scraping and Utilizing Customer Review Scraping

Here we are going to help you expertise and resources that will allow you to scrap data from the eCommerce website of your choice. There are fully managed service providers and those who offer tools to help you extract data.

Knowing your customers better

It becomes more and more important for sellers to understand the choices and preferences of the customers, if not done right; you will be leaving money on the table. On eCommerce portals, you can’t take risk of customer dissatisfaction. You need to have a better understanding of customer’s choices, and their sentiments regarding the product you sell.

Competitor analysis

Knowing your customers is not enough; you must keep track of your competitors as well. How customer review scraping will help you in this context is you can come to know if you customer want you to add any feature in your product or if they have any complain, so you can resolve it.

Detect fraud


Data obtained by web scraping tools provide you with provide you with hints about the fraud taking place in the market. Moreover, it will affect the sales figures and customer trust and hence, you need to capture those customers and make them delighted with the real products.

How it works?


Web scraping solutions are capable of collecting data that works for you as useful information.

You need to connect with the right professionals to guide you to best ways to scrape data from different eCommerce sites. Capitalize on the data that you collect through web scraper.

There are various web scraping tools available; you need to make sure that you choose the right one to do the job for you.

Explore the web and look for the solution that best fits your specific business needs.

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Internet technology has, without a shadow of doubt, given new ways and directions to businesses to operate. Every industry and from small and midsized businesses to Fortune-500 companies utilize the available technology solutions to its highest potential. Data journalism is among those field that has advanced dramatically with the help of internet and web scraping technique.

What is data journalism?


One of the best ways to define data journalism is the utilization of huge amount of data including multiple operations such as data filtering, data analysis, and data processing with hope to create a certain news and make customers aware and share the right information. Journalism itself is a field of variable data and it’s this is how the time has changed. When we talk about the scope and spread of data, it has grown enormously over time.

How web scraping works for data journalism?


Obviously, the prime necessity of data journalism effort is to collect, gather, and manage relevant data for required for a specific project. As there is endless information available over the internet, not all such information can prove to be useful for a specific project. To collect relevant data from such a great amount of unstructured and unrelated data is a stressful and time consuming task. This is where web scraping comes out to play as it helps in collecting strategic information through professional scraping process or reliable tool.

This is where your data gets arranged with the help of amazing web scraping tools, gets stored in the database and allows you to get access with ease. The quality of data and information provided by the web scraping tool is precise and accurate that helps in many ways.

What needs to be done?

For those who are looking for reliable data from the internet must conduct proper research prior getting started. You can find plenty of web scraping tools out there, but you need to select a reliable one that works well for you. In addition to this, you can also know about custom web scraping tools to make your searches and data more and more precise and valuable.

So, it is your time to deliver attention grabbing content and build trust among customers and experience success. Locate a reliable tool that can provide you with valuable data and insights and help you to gain and retain more customers.

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With the increasing popularity of internet, every business is finding new ways to operate, and real estate is no exception. Gone are the days when real estate business was conducted only through paper-based work and one on one interaction. Today, customers do proper research prior buying any property as there are various websites that provide them with details about the available buying opportunities. So, if you are a real estate agent, you need to be very careful and be available where your customers want you to, available online. Having a database is as important as being present online, so here is a great way that can make your business more and more effective.

Using web scraping in real estate business

Check out these ways to use web scraping in real estate.

The database


Database is the prime necessity of real estate business, especially after the advancements in the field of internet technology. You need a database of available properties, the contact details of the property owners, the database of customers who are looking forward to buy some kind of property and a lot more so that you can make your business work the way you want.

More leads


You need more and more customers to contact you, engage with you and get some deals done with you. For that, we scraping is an amazing tool that can provide you with the more leads as you will have valuable data right on your fingertips. This will enable you to convert those leads into sales and your business will reach new heights.

More sales

Having more customers is a great feeling. Once you have the right tool implemented, it will help you increase sales by leaps and bounds and you will have more selling opportunities. With the details available to you, you can contact customers and provide them with the best options available with you.

Happy customers

Happy customers will bring more leads; they will come to you with more customers who are looking for property deals. With the help of web scraping tools, you can realize the real potential of internet and the database available for you online and this is the reason why you must go with the best and most reliable solution that will work for your business.

Utilize web scraping solutions to the great extent and take your real estate business to another level. Get done with some internet research and find a reliable solution for your business.

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Online retail is one of the most challenging businesses; the increasing competition is making things worst. There are hundreds of thousands of retailers, trying to sell the same product, targeting the same audience, and keeping the prices low so as to attract more and more customers. Well, every problem has a solution, and online retail and more sales can also be achieved with the help of proper strategy. One of the reasons businesses fail to implement a solid strategy is not being able to get the right database of customers and competitors. Online data scraping is the key to collect data from various online sources.

How web scraping helps online retailers?

Here are some amazing ways web scraping can prove to be helpful for retailers!

Customer reviews


More and more customers are shopping online these days. They leave their opinion, suggestions, and emotions about any specific product, you can consider this as their overall experience with the product and hence, this is crucial data for any online retailer. Web scraping tools enable you to gather customer reviews from variety of eCommerce stores, understand their specific requirements and fulfill them. This is a key strategy to delight your customers.


Price fight on eCommerce stores is common; you need to be well aware of the right selling prices so that customers prefer buying from you. It is a fact that, customers compare prices prior making any purchase; this is the reason why you need to quote competitive prices so as to stay ahead of the curve. Web data extraction provides you with the right data to help you formulate the right pricing strategy.

Analyze demand


Customer demand needs to be tracked prior making any strategy. Knowing the demands gives you the freedom to make changes in your products and also fill your inventory with only the best selling products. This, in turn, will enable you to sell more units and delight more customers.

Monitor campaigns

What and how your competitors are selling, you need to keep a close eye on these things. With the help of web scraping, you can come to know the way your competitors try to sell their products; also how they run their campaign, at what prices, all these useful details can help you improve the quality of your campaigns.

Hence, you need to locate the best web scraping solution that can provide you with all these useful data and insights.

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What businesses do when they want to sell any specific product? They hire a team of experts and take care of them, pay them to bring more sales. On the other hand, they outsource all the activities to some affiliate marketing companies to do the job for them. Affiliate marketing is increasing in popularity, obviously due to its exciting benefits. Businesses only pay when they see the desired results. There are some exciting ways affiliate marketing can work wonders, especially with the help of web scraping.

How web scraping works for affiliate marketing?

In this blog, we are going to take a look at some effective ways affiliate marketing can benefit with the help of web scraping.

Locate eCommerce sites near you!


Yes, you know some of the most renowned eCommerce stores that everyone knows. But, are you aware of which eCommerce stores are performing well near you those who are not as recognized as the eCommerce giants? Or are you going to create such a huge list manually wasting your precious time? No, you have other important tasks to complete. So, you must leave this task to a web scraping tool that can work for you. Web scraping tool work faster and efficiently, it can provide you with data that you are looking for with total ease.

Identify best selling products


To make your affiliate marketing efforts successful, you must be well aware of some of the best selling products so that you can stay ahead of the competitive curve. Of course, there are multiple websites and products that you may have to take a look at, but this is what will bring you the best solutions. Use the right solution and indentify best selling products to make your affiliate marketing efforts work.

Scrape data of stock availability

Let’s say a customer visited your website and looked for a product, he saw the product is out of stock or not available. Now what? There are high changes that the customer will bounce back to another site, and may not visit your site again as some other websites are fulfilling their needs. This is where you must be aware of out of stock products so that you can keep your inventory maintained to the optimum level.

Locate related product links

You can scrape related product link so that when a customer wants, you can re-direct them to the related products and leave no chance of selling more through your website.

Final words

Now, it’s your turn to make your affiliate marketing work amazingly with the help of web scraping tools. Browse the web and find the solution that fits your business needs.

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In today’s time and age, social media is rocking. People spend great deal of their time on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others, connecting with people and checking notifications is a new trend. On the other hand, social media has given new directions to businesses and has given new business opportunities. For businesses to not to miss these opportunities, an organized database is prime necessity. This is where web scraping tools work the best for businesses.web data scraping provides you with the best information and insights to make your business remarkable.

Tips to get social media data trough web scraping

Check out these ways to scrape social media data.

Cache pages that you visit for web scraping


You got to cache the web pages that you visit for scraping, especially the big websites. This is how you will not put load on the website time and time again. When you start things all over again, that page won’t be required again for scraping the data that you are in need. While scraping, you need to ensure that you take into account all the measures that prevent you from being caught and blocked.

Keep things slow, don’t rush on the website with plethora of requests

Big websites are big for some solid reasons and they have algorithms to track web scraping. When you will send large number of requests, you can be caught easily as your IP address will remain the same and your IP can get blacklisted immediately. You need to make sure to have some gap in your requests, make sure to give a feel of human behavior.

Store fetched URLs


You must keep the list of URLs that have already been fetched; you can keep in database or a key value store. You will never want the scraper to crash after fetching 70 or 80 percent of data. It takes a lot of bandwidth to fetch that remaining data and you need to ensure that you store these URLs.

Split scraping process in different phases

Gathering data is tricky, if you are fetching great deal of data from a big website, you need to make sure that you split data in different phases. It is always safe and easy to scrape data in segments. In first segment, you can scrape website URLs and in the second segment, you can download the content.

Get what’s needed

Don’t take what’s needed and visit only the websites that are required for you. It can make things difficult if you have data that is unnecessary. Obtain useful data so that you have well organized and useful data.

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