To enable our purpose of catering any kind of Product/Solution/Tools/Service Sellers in need of Web Data for Target Audience, Competitor Products & Price and Vendors; in addition to our Ready-to-Use Web Data Scrapers, we also develop & deliver Custom Data Extraction Services, Web Crawlers and Web Data Extraction & Mining Solutions as per client requirement.

We have the experience to Web Crawl many different types of websites & create Smart Web Data Scraping Solutions, and have the expertise to crawl deep in different website structures, scrape data and deliver in Organized format. No doubt, we are one of the most Accurate Data Extraction Service Providers.

It’s very simple: You list the websites & let us know the information you want to extract; we understand the behavior & flow of the websites; we create an automatic scraper to achieve your requirement; and deliver you either the scraper or the data as needed.

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