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Buy LinkedIn Data Scraper and start aggregating Data faster & regularly of your Target Audience, Competitors & Vendors. Very Helpful for Sales, Marketing, Recruitment & Procurement.

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Why LinkedIn Scraper!

  • Extracts important data from LinkedIn: Email (if any), Phone (if any), Address, Connection, Country, Current Company, Current Position, Education, First Name, Image Name, Industry, Input Keyword URL, Keyword Resulted URL, Last Name, Pagesource Reference Number, Source url, State, Website
  • Highly supports Basic, Premium & Recruiter accounts
  • All Search Criteria same as the type of LinkedIn account for deep search results
  • Choice to extract data from all profiles of search result or only the profiles with published email addresses
  • Ready-to-use LinkedIn Data Extraction Software to get started instantly
  • One screen dashboard to get all the information at a single view

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LinkedIn Data Extractor Features

  • One screen dash board will give ease in control and operations
  • ‘Settings’ to configure LinkedIn Credentials
  • Search by Keyword, First name, Last name, Current or Past Company, Current or Past Title, Location, Industry, Company Size, School, Zip code, Seniority Level, Experience, Relationship
  • Search by Keyword URLs with support of bulk upload
  • Choice to extract ‘Records with email only’ OR ‘All Records’
  • Start, Stop, Pause & Reset options for better control over the tool
  • Export Scraped Data in csv file
  • Feature to set the delay in crawling to imitate human like activity, to avoid Account Blocking

Maintenance & Support

  • All Rental Licenses are inclusive of Maintenance & Support, so no additional contract is required

System Requirements

Operating System
  • Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Browser
  • Google Chrome 72 or higher
  • Others
  • NET Framework 4.7.1 or higher


  • Basic/Free Account: 100 profiles / results at a time
  • LinkedIn Premium Account:
    • Sales Navigator: 500 profiles / results at a time
    • Recruiter Account: 100 profiles / results at a time
  • The above points are not fixed and will vary as per LinkedIn Offerings & Terms
  • LinkedIn also applies Commercial Use Limit on Search.
  • LinkedIn also blocks user accounts if more number of requests are fired from single account in less time, means 150 – 200 requests in 2 -3 minutes
  • User can see Email address, Phone, Website, Address of 1st connections only if publicly available
  • LinkedIn page tags changes for some countries like France, China etc. So, we need to update the application as per the requirement
  • Clients are requested to be aware of all latest LinkedIn Offerings, Policies & Terms to be able to use LinkedIn Scraper successfully & safely
  • The product may not work properly or show error if there is a change in LinkedIn source code and/or if the information in it is made private
  • By registering & by using our Products, you agree to our T&C
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