Google Maps Scraper

Extract Data from Google Maps

Buy Google Maps Data Extractor and start aggregating accurate information about your Target Audience, Competitors & Vendors

Why Google Maps Scraper!

  • Extracts important data from Google Maps: Business Name, Category, Address, City, Country, Postal Code, Email, Fax, Latitude, Longitude, Phone, Reviews, Source Link, State, Unique ID and Website
  • Perfect search by specific Keywords, same as done on Google Maps
  • Search results within specific set radius (in miles or km) to get precise area wise data
  • Ready-to-use Google Maps Data Scraping Software to get started instantly
  • One screen dashboard to get all the information at a single view

Google Maps Scraper Features

  • Supports
  • One screen dash board will give ease in control and operations
  • Search by Keywords (can be specific terms, location, zip, industry, etc.) and within specific Radius
  • Export Scraped Data in csv file

Google Maps Scraper Maintenance & Support

  • All Rental Licenses are inclusive of Maintenance & Support, so no additional contract is required

System Requirements

Operating System
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Required Google Chrome browser
  • NET Framework 4.7.1


  • Google Maps may restrict search results, so it is suggested to use very specific search keywords like area, zip, category, etc. to get more, deeper & better results while scraping data from google maps
  • The product may not work properly or show error if there is a change in Google Maps source code and/or if the information in Google Maps is made private
  • By registering & by using our Products & Scraping Solutions, you agree to our T&C
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