6 Points to Remember While Scraping Data from Facebook

Facebook is probably the first thing that will strike in your mind when you talk about social media. The popularity of Facebook is second to none, helping people connect across the globe. Hence, this amazing social media site is utilized by businesses for various kinds of promotions and connecting with the target audience. People engaged in different kinds of businesses try to collect data from Facebook in many different ways so as to have a strong database and connect and retain customers. Web scraping is one such way that helps business owners to collect data from the web and from Facebook. Scraping data from FB is one of the biggest challenges as there are many things that are needed to take into account.

Things to remember while scraping data from Facebook:

Check out these things you should be careful about while scraping Facebook data.

Facebook doesn’t allow scraping


Robot.txt is the reason that it doesn’t allow you to scrape data, you need to be very careful so that you don’t get caught. You need to understand the set of rules and respect the Robot.txt of Facebook as you don’t want to be blocked and continue your search for longer period of time. You need to avoid unethical data gathering to keep yourself safe.

You need a prior written permission

Facebook is social media giant; it has all the money, resources, and legal team to take care of any issue taking place. Crawling Facebook is not allowed unless you have a written permission. At times Facebook can be serious about illegal scraping and this is the reason why, obtaining prior permission in writing makes a lot of sense.

There are still possibilities


You can find yourself in legal troubles if you do illegal scraping of data, simply because you are violating the policies and rules set by Facebook. Scraping from social media is a huge amount of database and it gives great details about the customers, their contacts, and behavior. People conduct research and experts work on it to make scraping possible and with ease.

There is chance to get sued

As mentioned in the earlier point, Facebook is strict with its rules and regulations and the security, if you are caught doing something illegal, chances are you can get sued and you have to deal with the legal proceedings. So, if you want to avoid legal issues, then you need to avoid illegal scraping.

Scrape data as you need

Find the right tool that can provide you with the details and scrape data according to your specific needs. There are plenty of tools that are available, make sure that you choose a reliable one.

Proper research

Conduct proper research prior choosing any web scraping solution for your business.

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