How to Scrape Product Pricing Information using Web Scraping

Price scraping is, without a shadow of doubt, an indispensible tool that is widely used by businesses, especially by eCommerce businesses. It is a mere fact that, the difference of only $1 can make a huge impact on sales figure of any company, and this is where web scraping tools come out to play. Every eCommerce player, big or small, understands how important web scraping is to drive more sales and stay ahead of the competitive curve.

You must know the real-time selling price of any given product so that you can plan your pricing strategy and make changes accordingly. Web scraping is extensively used by established players who are dedicated to providing price comparison platform to the consumers.

Price Scraping Process!

First you need to setup custom web crawler to gather the data from the portal of your competitor. With the help of evaluating the market and the close competitors, the number of competitors to be crawled can be decided. Once crawled, there will be many fields with the extracted product data including but not limited to website, brand name, product name and type, price, and more.

The data then passes through a normalized process to prepare it for matching purpose. The process is crucial as the data is refined and all the numbers, symbols, and characters are removed.

Why Price Scraping?


If you are among those eCommerce owners who are wondering why you need web scraping, then here are some key reasons.

Make your Price Competitive

Will you be able to decide the pricing without knowing what your competitors are quoting for the product? No! And this is why you need the right web scraping tool so that you can know the insights and plan your pricing strategy.

Want to build a site for price comparison?


If you are among those who are looking forward to build a price comparison platform, then web scraping tool is a prime necessity. For those who shop online, mostly visit price comparison sites before making the purchase decision. You can make great use of web scraping tool to power your price comparison website.

Research and Analytics

For those who are willing to go deeper into the data can extract prices to understand market pricing from multiple eCommerce websites.

Final Words:

So, instead of waiting and wasting more time, find an appropriate web scraping tool that can meet your specific business needs.

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