B2B Leads Database Build using Web Scraping Technologies

B2B Leads Database building: One of the most common problems the B2B Sales & Marketing Teams face today is to create a B2B Lead Database that yields results. A database that has most of the details of your targeted prospects, ranging from their industry, country, state, city, address, contact details, names or decision makers & influencers, their Skype, their twitter handles and other important information. This is the B2B Leads Data that can be approached by sales & marketing through emails, social media, sales visits and tele-calling. A Leads database that can grow regularly and can be nurtured to yield results.

B2B Leads Database building using Web Scraping Technologies

The first and foremost step to create this list is to identify the Target Audience. And to achieve that, every Marketer would agree to Segmentation & Targeting as the first step. While Defining Market Segmentation & Targeting can be easily understood, we shall focus on how to build the Database for Leads.

We all know that Web is the biggest data resource available in the planet, and has become an integral part of our lives. Sales & Marketing personals regularly use the Web resources to identify and fetch the data of their Target Audience. B2B Data resources are available in plenty and can be availed through Search Engines, B2B directories, Social & Business Networking websites, Event websites, Job Portals and many such websites. Very specific B2B Leads Data aggregation websites include LinkedIn, Yellow Pages, Monster, Super Pages, Manta, Twitter, etc.

As we identify the Target Audience & the web resources where a huge data of the target audience in available and have manually being fetching the data, it is important to automate the process with a Leads Database Builder. A Leads Database Builder is a concept of Web Scraping; in other words a web scraper for pulling contacts, names, emails, phones and other details. Having a Leads Database Software enables regular data collection with very less human involvement, so the Sales & Marketing can focus on the skilled part of their jobs.

Important Points to Remember

Again the most important point to remember is to be aware of your target audience and avoid collecting any data except what has been defined. The automation can be achieved by creating a Lead Extractor Software or by purchasing such Lead Scrapers already available in the market which uses most of the web resources to give you the results. Or one can purchase Lead Data Extractors for specific websites. There are off-the-shelf scrapers available in the market for Lead Data Extraction from specific websites; naming a few like LinkedIn Scraper, Yellow Pages Scraper, Google Maps Scraper, Super Pages Scraper, Twitter Scraper and Yelp Scraper.

Web Data Extraction for Leads

Web Data Extraction for Leads is just another important step to build a continuous flow of data related to Target Audience. It is important for Sales & Marketing Teams to keep on scrubbing the data and remove the unimportant information, to maintain a good database quality and increase performance.

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