How Web Scraping Retrieve Information with the Help of Artificial Intelligence

For precisely, accurately, and completely extracting data from the web, most of the developers usually need to develop customized codes for every website. This can be easily managed and recommended for hundreds of thousands of websites and where data quality has its own value, but if the data needs to be extracted from thousands of sites, or quickly extract data from websites that are not yet covered by previously existing codes, this is often an insuperable challenge.

Artificial intelligence and web scraping:


Code development is not easy, the difficult, complex, and resource intensive nature of developing code for individual website works as a bottleneck harshly curtailing the scope of website and company’s data extraction and analysis capabilities.

Here is such a crucial need of real time data extraction at scale being more needed than in eCommerce and media monitoring. Where the ability to capture and monitor products on any online eCommerce store or monitor news from hundreds of thousands of media outlets would take a company’s business intelligence capabilities to a whole new level.

AI is nothing new!

Artificial intelligence is nothing new to discuss. So many blogs and articles are written about it and it has been a popular theme and increasing in popularity for long. Well, it was only recently that IA has been seen in action. Credit goes to the ever-increasing power of computing, our machines are much faster and more and more powerful now which also provides a huge boost to AI. It goes without saying that AI needs a lot of computing power to be truly clever and imitate the human brain.

AI examples


AI is getting to know its way into various everyday objects that we make use of. The voice assistant apps in your smartphone are fine example for the same. Facebook’s face recognition algorithm is another example that can be taken into account for intelligent pattern recognition technology doing its work. We believe that the data extraction from websites is something that humans shouldn’t be too much worried about and burdened with. AI could be the right solution to aggregating large data sets from the web with least manual involvement.

The AI enabled web scraping solutions is utilized as a part of the API has the power to unlock the full potential of website, turning the web into the world’s biggest organized database. Now in place of having to manually develop and maintain code for every new website, you can easily and simply make configuration of your applications to send its queries to the developer API and receive structured data well prepared for analysis as well as response.

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